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Robert Meachem Comes Home


Well, this comes as a crazy one. Many speculated, and even jokingly stated that Meachem would come back. It looks like this is now a reality.

"According to an NFL source, the wide receiver is on the verge of signing with New Orleans. He is expected to be with the team in Week 1 against the visiting Atlanta Falcons."

This is extremely interesting. The Saints were going to roll with five wide receivers for the season, well, not anymore. This could mean that Andy Tanner truly replaces Courtney Roby now, and Meachem inserts himself for an immediate role.

Meachem never lived up to any type of hype in San Diego, as he was supposed to replace Vincent Jackson. The Chargers can save an estimated $715K from Meachem playing this season with the Saints, so you can count that as a small chunk to that $5M guarantee for 2013.

Robert Meachem gets paid regardless, and will still get to play. Drew Brees had chemistry with Meachem, and the move has to be a very humbling one. Remember this, the Saints did not retain Preston Parker on the 53-man squad, and they could have rightfully brough him back in. So, they have to love what Meachem’s potential brings.

Back in August, Meachem had this to say to ProFootball Talk regarding his 2013 season,

"“Every year is a new start. Every day is a new start. You have to take it one day at a time,” Meachem said. “Last year was last year. If you’re going to dwell on last year, this year is going to be bad. So you’ve got to look toward the future.”"

Jonathan Vilma will be placed on Short Term IR, missing the first seven weeks of the season. So, there’s where your open roster spot comes from.

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