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Brees Endorses Andy Tanner


After the nationally televised Texans-Saints game, there seems to be even more buzz about Andy Tanner. Those of us who have followed the Saints for quite some time alredy know about Tanner, and were already extremely familiar with his story. Tanner entered the Saints as an undrafted free agent in 2010.

After an interview today with Drew Brees, there’s even more reason to root for Tanner. Brees said this,

"“He is a guy that has meant so much to this team even though he maybe hasn’t seen the field in active duty action in the regular season yet,” the Pro Bowl quarterback said. “He’s a guy who’s on the practice squad who makes play after play throughout preseason and offseason. We know his opportunity will come.  We all just have so much respect for him.”"

Tanner should get this roster spot. Period. He showed his versatility and resilience, even after being cut 16 times. He knows the system, he knows Sean Payton, and he knows what Drew Brees wants. If Tanner hadn’t went down in preseason last year, this would hardly be a debate. Andy Tanner should be on the New Orleans Saints 2013 active roster.

So what do you think? Will Tanner make the final cut? Will the Saints keep Preston Parker & Andy Tanner? Will we see Courtney Roby exit? Let us know!

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