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Sean Payton’s Play Calling vs Kansas City Chiefs: Coach Is Back!


We missed him an awful lot during the 2012 season, we were glad to see him back with the guys on the practice field but last Friday we finally saw him where he belongs: on the Saints sideline, headset on. Of course his presence is fundamental from a psychological standpoint but there’s another important aspect of his personality that we’ve been missing: the Sean Payton play calling style.

We broke down for you every offensive play that he called during the KC game last Friday when first- and second-string offenses were on the field. From now on we will use “P” for “Pass Play”, “R” for “Run Play” and “PA” for “Play Action Play”. Let’s see a couple of facts that stood out from our analysis:

– Aggressiveness: the second P was a deep ball on the right side intended for Kenny Stills, who had the ball but couldn’t hold on to it; on fourth-and-1 Payton decided to go for it and selected a R (due to poor blocking, they play failed).

– Early test for new players: with the first two P the ball went to Ben Watson and Kenny Stills.

– Remember when we had Devery Henderson running endarounds? Now coach tries with Stills, who fumbles the exchange.

– 60 total plays were called, 42 P and 18 R.

– On first down Payton called 12 R and 16 P, nearly balanced.

– On third down however Payton called 9 P and 2 R; runs came on third-and-1 and third-and-3.

– During the fourth drive of the game Payton called five consecutive P, followed by five consecutive R.

– Redzone: 8 P, 1 R (the endaround play). Numbers speak for themselves here.

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