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GIF: New Orleans Saints Fans Are Animals


Aug 3, 2013; Metairie, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (not pictured) son Bowen Brees wears his dad

The New Orleans Saints fans have some of the best fans in the NFL. Heck, the Saints have some of the best fans in worldwide sports—period.

That said, some of you are just plain animals. You showed just that at the Superdome Friday as the Saints took on the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1 of preseason action.

Here is the proof courtesy of our friends at SB Nation:

Nice job, you guys.

By the way, the Saints won their preseason matchup with the Chiefs despite falling into an early 10-0 hole. The first team defense looked like it was experiencing growing pains and allowed quarterback Alex Smith to torch them up and down the field early.

New Orleans would bounce back though, showing the Saints are the superior team when it comes to depth. Quarterback Luke McCown had a good game and helped to orchestrate the comeback victory.

With it being the preseason and meaning very little overall, here is a shoutout to you, the fans. You guys came out, made a lot of noise and supported your team through thick and thin.

As if we expected you to do anything else.

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