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Ranking the Saints 2013 Games

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Having said all of the this, and I realize how early it is….12 wins is feasible, 11 seems reasonable. I can see a potential split with Atlanta (as much as that pains me to say), or another NFC South foe. Chicago, San Francisco, New England, and Seattle can go either way, as they serve as potential ‘problem’ games. Of the 2013 opponents that are non-NFC South, we played only Dallas & San Francisco last season.

The most brutal part of the 2013 schedule (which is debatable) can either be playing Chicago & New England back to back on the road, playing Dallas, San Fran, Atlanta, and Seattle in a four week stretch, or finishing out the season on the road 4 out of the final 6 games. My vote is personally for San Francisco at home, then playing Atlanta on Thursday during a short week, and then traveling out to Seattle.

Heading in to 2013, we obviously don’t know where we will finish, but we can always make an educated guess given the feelings, facts, and opponents. We should look to what we have as opposed to last season too, and know that we finally have a ‘normal’ offseason going on. Sean Payton will provide the much missed leadership of last season, which will probably benefit Drew Brees the most, and Rob Ryan will help make our defense a very respectable unit at least.