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Charles Woodson and the Saints: a marriage that shan’t be done


Charles Woodson had an outstanding career: 15 years solidifying the backfield for the Oakland Raiders until 2005 and the Green Bay Packers until a couple of months ago. Right there in the previous sentence you can find a hint of why he shouldn’t be signed by the Saints. Go back and read it one more time. Did you find it? Yeah, you got it! It’s the number 15. The guy is 36 years old and that’s not an upside if your task is to track down receivers all over the field or to stop running backs off to the races.

Don’t forget that last season he played just seven games: he was forced to sit with a broken collarbone for two months. Almost any kind of injury would make him lose an awful amount of time. At his age, it would probably decree the end of his career.

Not to mention the financial situation. As of now the Saints are around $2 million under the cap, but part of that money will be used to sign the five 2013 draft picks and possibly some undrafted free agents. Those signings will supposedly take away around $1 million: do you think that a player who made four consecutive Pro Bowl appearances in the last six years (2008-2011) would play for less than $1 million? I hardly doubt it. Plus, I don’t think Mickey Loomis is going to spend all of that money to sign a single player but it will be more reasonably used to add a couple of “cheaper” free agents.

Unarguably, he would bring some experience to the DBs and add some depth to the bench, but remember that (at the moment) the Saints already have Malcolm Jenkins, Roman Harper, Kenny Vaccaro, Isa Abdul-Quddus, Rafael Bush, Jerico Nelson and Jim Leonhard competing for a chance to play at safety.

That being said, I believe he’s gonna end up somewhere eventually: there are a couple of teams who could benefit from the acquisition of Woodson, at the right price. I just don’t see him wearing a black and gold jersey next season.