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Kenny Vaccaro – First in Safeties


Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Kenny Vaccaro (Texas) is introduced as the number fifteen overall pick to the New Orleans Saints during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, I listened to Kenny Vaccaro’s Interview with the media as well as Sean Payton’s Interview regarding him.

I read through every major sports rankings, and Vaccaro was consistently the highest ranked safety (Eric Reid was often 2-3 rankings behind him).  Analysis by Doug Farrar (Vaccaro was ranked 20th out of 50 total players) and Analysis by Greg Cosell demonstrated there is a huge upside to Vaccaro.  These are two of my most trusted analysts–good analysts are a substitute when you cannot get your hands on college tape like us mere bloggers.  Both Cosell and Farrar had him as their top ranked safety.

In Vaccaro, we obtained the best player available for the position of safety.  However, Vaccaro did not alwasy play traditional safety roles.  He was found more often in the slot and in nickel  situations, playing corner at times as well.   NFL Draft Profile – CBS Sports Profile – AOL Sporting News – Mike Mayock Ranking  (Also look for the vid by Vaccaro at the end)

In conclusion, if Safety play is an area that needed upgrading (and it was) then we have upgraded with Vaccaro. His play will allow Rob Ryan to mix coverage up a bit with Jenkins and Harper.  Jenkins may play more to his corner back strengths, and Harper may play more to his hybrid safety/linebacker talents like a Charles Woodson.

Our listed safeties are Jenkins, Harper, Quddus, Bush, Jeonhard, Nelson and Vaccaro.  Our CB’s are Greer, Lewis, Robinson, White, Davis, Steed, and Turner.   A pretty decent back field.  As for whether we should have chosen Jarvis Jones, I think we would not have done badly with either selection.  However, Victor Butler brings a nasty pass rush with him and perhaps, this was not such an area of need as safety was in the coaches’ opinion.

Additionally, if you will read this article by Greg Cosell on the evolution of the safety position and realize that Vacarro is versatile and has patterned himself and was coached by the same coach of Earl Thomas, you can see the easy choice that presented itself when Vacarro was on the board.  To conclude, here is Vaccaro’s NFL Highlight Vid