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Te’o, Armstrong, and Manziel beg to ask the question, “Does anyone care?”

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Armstong of course puts into question on if his winning titles were accomplished through some “help” or if it was his live strong attitude.  Speaking of which, the LIVESTRONG Foundation recently said they were “disappointed” with Armstrong no doubt because he was the face and image of the organization.

This admission by Armstrong also comes too little too late since everyone has just naturally assumed that prior to the interview that he was guilty anyway and this was nothing new so no respect was earned by doing it.

Te’o was expected to be a top 2013 NFL Draft pick and go at least in the top ten.  Draft experts don’t think that this recent news will hurt his draft status but more importantly his performance against Alabama in the BCS Championship Game will.

But Te’o will most likely face years of constant ribbing and locker room snickers from not only opponents but teammates as well.  An unfortunate turn for a onetime respected and fruitful talent.

Manziel while being a young guy who wants to behave like a young guy does, will need to take into account that he is in a fishbowl and being watched by everyone.  This definitely includes the investigations by the NCAA into improper benefits and behavior for a student athlete.

Yes he needs to enjoy himself but Manziel must realize that especially now his every move will be written and read about just like the recent speeding ticket he received and was published by the presiding judge on Facebook.  His future in college is bright as is a career in the NFL so he must put all this into perspective.

The world of a celebrity can be one of fame and fortune but this can all come with a price.  And sometimes the price that is paid can also effect them for years to come as well as those close to them that cannot be measured.

So, do you still want the spotlight or remain in the shadows?  Just remember that the light can be a little too bright sometimes and it’s easy to lose your way.