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Te’o, Armstrong, and Manziel beg to ask the question, “Does anyone care?”

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Jan 5, 2013; Miami, FL, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish linebacker Manti Te

The recent press granted to the storylines of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, allegedly duped linebacker Manti Te’o, and hard partying Texas A&M Heisman winning quarterback Johnny Manziel may not have the zing that some thought it would have.

Armstrong and Te’o of course have been back and forth as far as stealing headlines on Armstrong’s admission to doping during his run as a multiple Tour de France winner and Te’o’s saying he was “catfished” in regards to a hoax that his girlfriend never existed after she supposedly died from cancer.

Manziel found himself in the news after he photographed “making it rain” cash in a casino and allegedly drinking champagne in a club in Dallas.  Pictures with him being with a bevy of beauties have surfaced as well.

On all three, the consensus by some is that it doesn’t matter and isn’t that big of a deal.  Which if you look at it in the small spectrum, this is probably true.

Armstrong has been removed from his sport for a while and it’s not as if he’s currently trying to win another championship.  He recently did an interview with Oprah Winfrey and openly admitted to the doping accusations against him.  To someone like myself, this isn’t ground breaking and is old news.

With Te’o, I recently said on The NOLA Rundown that this story is like an onion with multiple layers being peeled back and it would be like the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal where it will be some time before we know the true story or if we’ll find it out at all so it’s not something I feverishly keep up with.

Manziel of course is “Johnny Football” as well as being a Heisman Trophy winner.  Even though photos have surfaced of the club and casino incidents, if you think it will tarnish the image that Aggie fans and those that follow college football then you’re slightly mistaken.

For all three though it does put somewhat of a blemish on past and future career accolades.  While Armstrong is done, Te’o and Manziel still have to deal with scrutiny.