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Saints begin second offseason in a row with internal drama; LB Vilma want answers

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This morning linebacker Jonathan Vilma weighed in on his Twitter account:

"“I seriously doubt a player said that.  Think its the media starting stuff.”"

Vilma even went so far as to call Holder out by posting:

"“dont give me “anonymous source” bs” “say who said it”"

While like Vilma I would like to know who the player is, Holder is doing the journalistic integrity part of his job by not saying his name.  In other words you don’t get somebody to talk to you by agreeing to not reveal their name and then out them just for the sake of a scoop.

The crime here is that the player doesn’t have the courage to reveal who they are and throw other players and staff into the mix by putting words into their mouth and “speaking” for them.

Now the Saints have to face another offseason with a questionable locker room dynamic as to who can who trust.  It’s a situation that mirrors the bounty drama last year of when players were asking, “Who’s the snitch?”

When Sean Payton returns it won’t be soon enough since he now has to fix a problem that normally Saints fans mock other teams like the New York Jets for in being an open media circus.

Yes Payton is valuable in winning but what he also is valued for as the head coach is his ability to keep everything in line and players in check.  I wonder if a certain anonymous player would call that being a “control freak?”  Well not to his face at least.