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New Orleans Saints “Finish Wrong” in loss to Carolina Panthers

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Though many tried to remain positive, it became apparent to even the most loyal members of Who Dat Nation that this wasn’t the team that they were used to seeing and at the halfway mark of the season knew that even if the team made it into the postseason the journey would be short lived.

Members of the Saints finally acknowledged that the loss of head coach Sean Payton for the year had an effect on them and their season although they also acknowledged that the interim duo of offensive line coach Aaron Kromer and linebackers coach Joe Vitt did the best they could.

As the last of the occupants were filing out of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, some gazed at the empty field and others we passed were patting each other on the backs as if they were consoling each other at a funeral.

Really it actually was a funeral in an odd sort of way.  The Saints and Who Dat Nation will no doubt bury this horrid, but lucky to get, 7-9 season come Monday morning and hope to resurrect a championship team when Payton returns and 2013 begins.