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Drew Brees: Best Quarterback In The League

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All that is to say that no one, for any reason, should take anything away from the wonderful Drew Brees.  It may seem that I’m a homer going on a rant about how great a single player is on the team that I love most in sports.  I am, in fact doing just that.  However, know that there are no words to describe the emotional and physical presence and leadership of Drew Brees!

He’s not just a pure passer, but the best there is.  He’s not just a leader, but a general.  Drew Brees is a surgeon, one who slices and dices up defenses with such precision that it causes expletives and hair to fly from the opposing coaches.  A completion percentage that’s unheard of, a blend of ingenuity and chutzpah that cannot be topped – it’s his.

A guy who can barely see over the offensive line shouldn’t be this good a passer!  A guy with a torn labrum whom no one believed in but the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints could very well have chosen the comfort and ease of Miami.  He didn’t.  Drew Brees chose the drama, the pressure, the situation that was the toughest, but with the biggest possible payoff.  Had things been different, we might not be talking about the demise of Daunte Culpepper, but rather that of Drew Brees.  No more with the what ifs, no more with the paper bags over our heads, and the gloomy cry, “Things will never be good for this team.  They’re just the bottom-dwellers.”  Back, rather, is the war cry, “Who Dat?”

Soon, we will forget the fact that 2012 was a 7-9 season, because Drew Brees is a winner.  Sean Payton is coming back, and the New Orleans Saints have their full complement of draft selections this season.  No one can hold Drew Brees down.  He is a leader, a difference maker, a game changer, and the best quarterback there is!