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Drew Brees: Best Quarterback In The League

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In 2009, following two underachieving seasons by the Saints, Drew Brees decided he was going to overcome the doubters once again.  A 13-0 start to the season had the New Orleans Saints looking Super Bowl from the early going.  All the naysayers were no more, and it looked as though the New Orleans Saints had finally arrived on the scene of perennial contender.  After 3 straight losses to Dallas, Tampa Bay, and Carolina to end the season, dreams of grandeur seemed clouded slightly.  After a first round bye, matchups against Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning stood in the way of a title.  Nothing was going to stop Brees & Co., and nothing did, as any New Orleans Saints fan knows well that the Saints accomplished their goal of a Super Bowl Title.

And yet again, this year, Drew Brees did it again.  Coming off a bounty scandal that clouded the off-season, caused the loss of draft picks, and their coach, Brees was determined.  Though the Saints were mired in a hole so deep that it seemed as though no one could climb out of it, Brees dusted himself off, and his teammates, and did it again.  The 0-4 start certainly didn’t help things, but what do you expect when a team is in utter chaos?

A 7-9  finish certainly isn’t impressive, but a 40+ TD season by Drew Brees, 5,000+ yards, and a hugely emotional season has been as successful as Brees could have possibly hoped for.  Given that the worst defense in the league is playing on the other side of the football, I’m surprised the record is not even worse than it is currently, to be quite honest.  The worst in yards allowed – ever.  One of the worst in points allowed – 454 to be exact.  Cam Jordan, Patrick Robinson, Jabari Greer, Curtis Lofton, and Roman Harper are all having great individual seasons, but a solid defensive performance has yet to be really put together.