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Drew Brees: Best Quarterback In The League

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Still, it’s Drew Brees that executes the plays.  It is he who took the New Orleans Saints from laughing stock to Super Bowl Champion.  It is he who has thrown for 240 TDs since 2006.  It is he who came to New Orleans, not out of desperation, not out of fear of failure, not because he had no other offers.  His decision came about because he, like the wonderful city of New Orleans, was put in a position where people doubted him, doubted his resolve, doubted his ability to come back from negativity.  Brees has done that not once, not twice, but three times in New Orleans.

In 2006, he brought the New Orleans Saints on to the field following a 3-13 season.  He took them from loser to NFC South Division Champion – a first for the New Orleans Saints!  Also, the Saints experienced a +7 in the win department, going 10-6 on the season.