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Former L.S.U.; New York Giants safety Chad Jones could be a fit for the New Orleans Saints

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A workout and possible signing of Jones by the Saints could be a good fit for both if Jones is healthy.  Jones is originally from New Orleans and moved to Baton Rouge after Hurricane Katrina.

He is also obviously a dedicated and hardworking player who is simply looking for a chance to prove himself and the Saints are known for taking chances on players who they feel are good character individuals who give their utmost best to the team.

The Saints also need to shake up the secondary position a bit and have seen success the past week with Isa Abdul-Quddus and taking over for Malcolm Jenkins at safety and safety Rafael Bush making an impact as well.

Strong safety Roman Harper is in his sixth season with the Saints and isn’t having the same impact he has had before with whiffed tackles and an average performance this season despite having two interceptions.

Signing Jones to the roster for the offseason would be a smart move by the Saints if the workout does eventually happen and is a success.  Then the club could possibly gain the hard hitting safety they’ve been looking for.