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FanSided NFL 2013 Mock Draft Pick for New Orleans Saints

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One prospect that the team would love to draft is Florida State defensive end Bjoern Werner.  The only problem is that Werner will likely be gone by the time the Saints pick unless they have an epic collapse the last four games and are picking close to the top ten.

Two that could still be there around the 16th pick are LSU’s defensive end Sam Montgomery and Texas’ defensive end Alex Okafor.  Both have made an impact in college and warrant double teams from opposing offensive lines.

Montgomery has totaled 18 sacks the past three seasons and came back even stronger after being injured his freshman year in 2010.  He is a red-shirt junior this season but could leave early to become draft eligible.

Okafor has 19.5 sacks in his four years as a Longhorn and could possibly improve his stock at the NFL Combine.  Like Montgomery, Okafor is not only a great rusher, but is extremely athletic to boot.

But as i said earlier there are still four games left to play for the Saints and although they are 5-7 right now, fans are hoping the Saints can win it all and choose at 16 picks lower than Fansided NFL is projecting now.