The New Orleans Saints will make the NFL Playoffs

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The New Orleans Saints will have to visit the Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants, and Dallas Cowboys. They face the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Superdome.

The Saints defense clearly isn’t elite, but they have proven they can make the necessary stops when it counts.

The 49ers proved that New Orleans cannot win games if quarterback Drew Brees is the sole engine propelling them down the field. If the Saints want decisive wins they need to be more balanced.

If the Saints start to trust in Chris Ivory and finally start to treat him like the emerging solid running back that he is, this team will do great things.

A good schedule helps their chances of getting into the playoffs, but so does winning football games.

The Saints need to handle their business in the Georgia Dome against the Atlanta Falcons in order to begin locking up their spot in the playoffs.