Saints fans shouldn’t panic over reports of Sean Payton contract extension being voided

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ESPN once again brought up the Dallas Cowboys as a landing spot and cited the tiring theory that he has been in the Lone Star state a lot.  Very true.  His family is there and he’s suspended for the season.  What else is he going to do?

Well actually the report did say that he is still working with Benson.  Payton is said to be doing “spot work” for Benson’s NBA team the New Orleans Hornets to supplement his lost season salary.  Another reason why Payton will stay.  You don’t repay your owner back by leaving him after he helps you out.

One of the main factor’s that will cement Payton to the Saints is quarterback Drew Brees.  The almost father/son mentor relationship that the two have can’t be duplicated anywhere else especially with the Cowboys.  Point blank, the two are made to exist with each other in the NFL.

Payton is also the reason why defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo came aboard.  While the results aren’t pretty so far, I’ll go ahead and predict that when Payton returns there will be some dramatic changes happen within the roster and we’ll see a revived defensive approach.

Regardless if Payton’s contract has a rollover clause and he is obligated to the club for another year, it won’t take Benson long to turn the “Free Sean Payton” to a “Kept Sean Payton.”