Faithless in New Orleans?

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When the offense has an off night, the debacle in Denver is what happens. Although this Saints defense has been historically bad, there was reason for optimism leading up to this past Sunday, after 3 consecutive weeks of holding opponents to 7 points in the 2nd half.

That indicates half time adjustments to put pressure on the quarterback. That indicates an understanding that what isn’t working in the first half will not work in the second half. We did not see that in Denver. 17 first half points, and 17 second half points.

There is no doubt that this qualifies as the worst loss of the year. Even after the Kansas City game you could clearly see what went wrong. There were specific things to point at and say, “If we fix this and this, that won’t happen again.”

Not so much after this game. There is a sense of faithlessness underlying the chance of winning games going forward. Hopelessness and faithlessness are not synonymous, and I hold out hope that this was just an aberration.

Bring on the Eagles and let’s get this taste out of our mouths.

Who Dat, y’all.