Chris Ivory’s status with New Orleans Saints gaining attention

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However, at a press conference yesterday interim head coach Joe Vitt made a simple but bold statement when he proclaimed that,

"Chris ain’t going nowhere."

Of course no team wants to show their hand and this could be a bit of posturing by the club to keep things under wraps about a possible trade.  The only way to see if this isn’t true is to watch Ivory’s playing status for this Sunday.

The Saints rank dead last in rushing in the NFL(avg 76.2/game) and although Ingram ranks second in total yards, he only averages 2.9 per carry.  Thomas averages 4.3 yards per carry and Sproles 5.4 per carry.

The other mark on Ingram is that even though he’s second in rushing stats, Thomas and Sproles are a dual threat in the passing game as well and used in screen plays.  Ingram however has one reception for -1 yard.  Not that great for a first rounder who the Saints traded up for.

This leaves fans screaming for the Saints to at least try Ivory and see what he can do to inject some type of fire into the run game.  At this point, what is there really left to lose in that department?