‘Smash for Cash’ vs. the Saints ‘Bounty’

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The other interesting development as of late is Jimmy Kennedy’s claim that the NFL is 100% full of it.  In his declaration to the court, he countered the NFL’s claims by saying,

"“In the NFC championship game … I returned to the locker room at half time and spoke to my teammates saying ‘they are hitting us like there’s money on the table.’  I was not speaking of any alleged “bounty” program; I knew nothing of any alleged “bounty” program, and I was not referring to anything specific.  My only intention in making these statements was to encourage my players to block. Three or four days after the game, Childress approached me and told me he contacted the NFL because he thought the Saints had placed a bounty on Brett Favre.  He asked me if I knew anything about it, and I told him I knew nothing about it.  I never approached Childress to tell him anything about an alleged bounty because I knew nothing about such an allegation. In the weeks following the game I received a call from Joe Hummel, who told me he worked for NFL security.  He told me he wanted to talk to me about a bounty on Favre.  I told him I knew nothing about the allegation and I had nothing to tell him.  I did not have a substantive conversation with Hummel.  It was a very brief conversation and not an interview.  I told him I didn’t know anything and had nothing to say. Several months later, I received another call from Hummel about the bounty on Favre.  Once again I told him I had no information.  After that very brief conversation, I called my agent and shortly thereafter my agent retained an attorney for me.  I then texted my attorney’s phone number to Hummel and advised him to go through my attorney if he wished to speak to me again.  Neither I nor my attorney ever heard from Hummel again. I did not speak or meet with Roger Goodell at any time. I have never been interviewed by anyone from the League about the bounty program on Favre. I never had a conversation with Anthony Hargrove about the bounty program including any time in or around the NFC championship game in January 2010. Contrary to the League’s claim, I did not act as a whistleblower.  I would never take such an action because I have not knowledge regarding any alleged bounty program at the Saints.  Furthermore, I have never played for the Saints and I have no way of knowing what happened in the defensive squad during the 2009-2010 season.”"

With the landscape of the NFL being redefined in this age of player safety, it is easy to see how the league has overstepped their bounds and jumped the gun in the “bounty’ investigation in response to the concussion lawsuits its facing.