Is New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory on the chopping block or the trading block?

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But so far this season it has mainly been a three-headed one with Cadet being activated this past Sunday for the first time and Ivory being inactive on the sidelines.

With the running game for the team at a low point Saints fans are frustrated, especially when 2011 first-round draft pick Mark Ingram is only averaging 2.8 yards in the last four games.

Fans aren’t the only one’s that are frustrated though and Ivory gave his feelings about the situation to Saints beat writer Larry Holder of and said:

"“Honestly, yeah it’s frustrating.  But that’s not going to change nothing. Yeah, the situation sucks, but right now I’m still trying to be patient.”"

Ivory also told Holder that the Saints have given him nothing in the form of feedback on how to see playing time either.  Interim head coach Aaron Kromer has dodged the question as to Ivory’s playing status as well when asked about it several times this past week.

This leaves the question asked earlier if Ivory is going to be released or if he could possibly be ripe for a trade.  Releasing Ivory is probably not in the cards since the Saints are snake-bit from the 2010 season where they were scrambling for running backs after numerous injuries.

A trade would be the most likely scenario but on the other hand, very unlikely at this point.  Like it was mentioned, the Saints don’t want to get caught in the situation from several seasons ago and not have a running back familiar with their system if one were to be injured.

He will be a restricted free agent next season and if the Saints don’t want him anymore, they could simply tender him an offer and wait to see if someone wants to sign him and receive a draft pick for compensation.

Regardless of all the “what if” scenarios, the here and now seems to be that unless Ivory finds a way to move up the depth chart in some way, then we’ll likely see him posted on the sideline for the rest of the season.