Loss to Green Bay Packers heartbreaking for New Orleans Saints; filled with miscues

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The defense had a fumble recovery by safety Malcolm Jenkins and then an interception by cornerback Patrick Robinson that appeared for a brief time to energize the unit.

However numerous penalties including two face mask calls against Jenkins, poor coverage in the secondary, and a nonexistent pass rush put them on their heels against the Packers no-huddle offense.

The Saints did have a chance to lead the game with a little over two minutes left in the fourth quarter.  A dropped pass by Sproles on third down forced the Saints to line up for a 43-yard field goal attempt.

The kick was good but tight end David Thomas was called for a holding penalty that backed the Saints up 10 yards.  The Packers then jumped offsides that gave the Saints 5 yards back and kicker Garrett Hartley lined up for a 48-yard try.

But Hartley’s kick would shank to the left and for the second week in a row the kicker would miss a crucial field goal that would have given much needed points to the team.  But you could also cite two failed redzone attempts at a touchdown as well in missed points.

At 0-4  the mistakes and miscues can be shared by everyone and not necessarily one single player.  As frustration begins to build on the team and with the fanbase, interim head coach Aaron Kromer will try to get the team as he said in a post-game press conference to “climb the mountain.”