Roger Goodell attempts apology to NFL fans involving referee lockout


September 27, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; NFL referee Bob Waggoner signals to play during the Baltimore Ravens game against the Cleveland Browns at M

When someone is wronged by another, there is nothing better than getting the satisfaction of an old-fashioned “I’m sorry.”  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell attempted to do that with fans of all 32 NFL teams with regards to the drawn out negotiations involving the officiating crews.

In a letter posted on, Goodell said he believes in “accountability, and not excuses”.  Of course fans may feel that this is what the letter attempts to do instead of owning up that the negotiations took too long to get the regular officials back on the field.

It was almost a mirror image of the NFL player lockout during the negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement with fans coming to a breaking point and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft having to step in and spearhead talks, all the while his wife was dying of cancer.

The NFL had taken a hard stance in the recent talks with the officials until the tipping point of the Monday night game where the Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers on a controversial call that may have ramifications later in the season for the Packers.

After the letter was published, fans took to social media and gave their thoughts on the matter ranging from asking if Goodell thinks they are naive and others just straight out calling it “B.S”.

The only part of the letter that fans will agree with is where in the letter it mentions that it is a good thing to have the officials back in the game and that the focus can now be back to where it should be for the season which is the game itself and not the replacement officials.