NFL Referee Lockout is finally over; Who won?

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So who won in this deal? First of all the fans are the primary winners in this deal. If it was not for them this deal would not have gotten done.

The only thing worse than a bad bottom line is bad press. NFL fans voiced their opinions on the horrible call on Monday night football and the NFL listened.

Secondly, the officials won. I know they are part-time employees, but lets be honest are these not the hardest working part-time employees in our country?

They played their position perfectly and forced the NFL back to the negotiating table because of fan outcry. They got their increased pay and forced the NFL to reveal their hand.

Which brings us to the losers. The great thing that we can take away from this is how the referees forced the NFL to choose a side. Are you interested in protecting the game or about increasing your revenues?

The NFL showed us their hand and now we all understand that this league would rather safeguard its profits then protect players out on the field.

Fans may be able to forgive this since the deal got done in time for the next week of football; but they will never forget.

When asked for a comment on the new deal, Ed Hochuli echoed the sentiments of many fans.

"We are excited to be back on the field and we’re ready. I think that is the most important message. We are ready."

We are ready too Hoch.