Is voodoo coming back to bite the New Orleans Saints?


October 31, 2010; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints fans Steve Schneider and Jerry Harvey in costume for Halloween outside the Louisiana Superdome before the Saints play the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook – US PRESSWIRE

The New Orleans Saints last loss to the Kansas City Chiefs was a real gut check to Saints fans.  The Saints came in to a contest that they could have easily won and lost.

Many fans have enjoyed the last three seasons of Saints football and watching as the team made it to the playoffs, but many Saints fans remember the old days of playing in the NFC South.

The old days being 2008. That was the last year the Saints did not finish with over 10 wins in the NFC South. Since 2009 they have finished with consecutive +10 win seasons.

Since the NFC South was created in 2002, no team had finished with consecutive +10 win seasons or had finished at the top of the NFC South.

Some just said that the division was just weak during that period. Others say it was voodoo. New Orleans has a history with voodoo, so there is no surprise as to where the idea started.

The city explained the team’s lack of success for much of its history because they believed that the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was built on an Indian burial ground (which is false, the Superdome is built over the old Illinois Central Railroad engine terminal and roundhouse).

Still it begs the question: is the Saints lack of success through the first three games of the season voodoo coming back to bite them?

No head coach, no interim head coach, and no regular referees. It’s been three years since 2009 when they broke the “10 win” curse.

Of course this all could be over next week if they beat the Packers next week. A Packers team that was just robbed of a Monday night win against the Seattle Seahawks by the replacement referees. Oh and the game is at Lambeau field.

The odds do not look good in that game, especially with the way the Saints have struggled defensively.

If the Saints hope to win that game they will need to match the Packers point for point. Either that or make an Aaron Rodgers doll so they can twist his arm all game.