Major soul searching needs to be done by the Saints after 27-24 OT loss to Chiefs

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While the defense was a shade better than the past two games, it is obvious that there is a major issue when it comes to stopping the run and applying enough quarterback pressure even though they registered three sacks.

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles gashed the Saints defense with 233 yards rushing with one touchdown run for 91 yards after slipping between defensive end Martez Wilson and safety Malcolm Jenkins.

In all, the Chiefs would grind out 510 total offensive yards against the Saints defense.  Charles said after the game that, “We knew coming in that we could run against this defense”.  Not a good sign for the allegedly retooled scheme under Steve Spagnuolo.

One Superdome patron told me after the game that a Chiefs fan who he was sitting by looked at him towards the end of the fourth quarter and told him he was shocked because “we(Chiefs) are the worst team in the league”.  Not from where it stands now apparently.

When the schedule first came out for this season, there were a few games that seemed to be iffy wins for the Saints.  After today, the thirteen remaining games are all questions marks.

Another comment Kromer made following the loss to the Chiefs was that the team was “disappointed but not disheartened”.  This is more that can be said for a faithful fan base that is still trying to rally around their Saints amid the heartbreak.

With most of Who Dat Nation still having thoughts of the postseason, one glaring statistic reported by Jeff Darlington of NFL Network is that with the loss today the Saints have only a 2.8% chance of reaching the playoffs.