Saints Jonathan Vilma’s positive meeting turns sour not long after ending; ambush by Goodell?

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If what Vilma says is true, then the league could have used this as leverage to force Williams’ hand to the pen.  What makes this conspiracy theory a little more substantial is that the declaration was signed four days ago on September 14th which is not long after Vilma agreed to meet Goodell.

Was this an attempt by Goodell to catch Vilma off guard and ambush him with this new evidence under the pretence of a peace meeting?  While you may not want to call it an ambush, you can be certain that Goodell knew what he was doing and wanted to surprise Vilma with this declaration.

Of course Williams’ declaration and Cerullo’s declaration contradict each other according to sources but this doesn’t seem to matter too much.  From the way things are shaking out now, it will very likely be that Goodell will use the “solid” evidence to reinstate Vilma’s suspension according to conduct detrimental to the league.