Should the New Orleans Saints part ways with defensive end Turk McBride?

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May 24, 2012; Metairie, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints defensive end Turk McBride (90) during organized team activities at the team

After playing in the New Orleans Saints opening game against the Washington Redskins, defensive end Turk McBride has found himself on a list he populated quite frequently last season which is on the injury list.  Does this mean that the Saints should start shopping for a new defensive lineman?

McBride was brought in by the Saints in hopes of bolstering a pass rush on the defensive line in 2011.  The only problem was that McBride missed eight games last year with a nagging ankle injury, registering 2 sacks with only three total tackles.

It seems this year is the same song but a different verse as McBride is listed as having an ankle injury from Sunday’s game and will not play.  His stats for last Sunday’s game:  zero tackles.

While no one wants to jump the gun, it appears that McBride has trouble staying healthy and last an entire season.  The scary thing was that he was supposed to be insurance in case Will Smith had to serve his four game suspension, which thankfully has been overturned for the moment.

This leaves the question: should the Saints part ways with McBride and pickup another pass rusher?  With everything considered so far, it looks like that would be an option that isn’t too far fetched.

Who to bring in would be another consideration the Saints would need to look at.  One name I keep banging the table for is Andre Carter who although is recovering from a quad injury last season, is getting some considerable looks from other teams right now.

Another name that some nostalgic Saints fans have been asking about is Anthony Hargrove.  Although Hargrove played defensive tackle for the Saints during his time here, he has beefed up his weight and before he was released by the Green Bay Packers he was listed as a defensive end for them.

The only issue for Hargrove is that he faces an eight-game suspension that could possibly be reinstated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the Saints would be back at square one again, which by the way could happen with Smith who also faces a possible reinstatement of his four-game suspension.