New Orleans Saints fans divided in reaction to loss on Sunday

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The scheme is designed to generate a pass rush with the front four defensive lineman and have the secondary/linebackers in coverage to force the opposing quarterback to make a mistake.  But as we saw during the game, it didn’t work too well.

The Saints defense generated almost zero pressure and the only sack that they recorded was when Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was bitten by the “turf monster” and fell down allowing them to fall on him.

Cornerback Patrick Robinson did almost come down with a leaping interception, but a bounce to the turf popped it loose.  That was capped by the former first-round pick whiffing on several tackles and caused the Redskins to convert a fourth down by lazily jogging off the field during an ensuing punt.

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo was seen screaming at Robinson to get off the field but it was too late and the Saints were penalized for twelve men on the field and the Redskins were given an automatic first down.

While the panic button doesn’t need to be smashed just yet, it’s hard not to be noticed by even the most loyal and devoted Saints fan that the team has got to get to work immediately to regroup and fix the obvious mental errors.

One comment by a spectator yesterday rang true as the final pass from Brees was intercepted:  “Jesus, I hope the Redskins are just that good, because if we’re that bad then we’re in deep (expletive)!”