Loss to the Washington Redskins may be the best thing for the New Orleans Saints

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One that stood out in my mind watching the game was an attention to detail mistake that cornerback Patrick Robinson made when he failed to get off the field in time when the Redskins were punting the ball away.  This caused a penalty that kept the drive alive for Washington giving them a first down.

Yes, the Saints had plenty of emotion going into the game with recently pardoned from suspension linebacker Jonathan Vilma leading the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in the “Who Dat Chant” and defensive end Will Smith also playing after having his suspension lifted as well.

That emotion quickly faded as the Saints went three and out on their first series as well as the next three.  After the Redskins sealed the victory, it was the visiting fans that lead the chant of “RGIII” to a seething and wounded sparse gathering of Saints fans with most leaving before the middle of the fourth quarter.

Although this loss hurts the Saints and the fans, this is the best thing for the team to show that it won’t be just a banner that says “Do Your Job”, it needs to be a group effort to actually put this into action for the next 15 games.