Former New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter has excellent debut for Denver Broncos

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Second, once Porter settled down, he had a heck of a game.  Stuck with defending Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace, he had five passes defended.  He knocked one down that was almost an interception and batted down another for a sure touchdown to tight end Heath Miller.

Then he pulled the famous “Pick Six Porter” move that surely had Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning grinning from ear to ear who was on the receiving end of it in Super Bowl XLIV.  With the Steelers driving down the field in the dwindling minutes to try to win the game, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger made a costly error.

He tried to lead receiver Emmanuel Sanders on a sideline throw which Porter read and jumped the route.  Porter then ran the interception back 43 yards for a touchdown that would seal the game for the Broncos.  While the Broncos fans celebrated, Saints fans let out a sigh of what used to be a familiar sight.

To rub a bit of salt in the wounds after the Saints loss, even announcer Chris Collingsworth raved about how lucky the Broncos were to be able to obtain Porter in free agency and what a boost he was to the secondary, something that could have benefited the Saints on Sunday which was a boost.