New Orleans Saints players have plenty to offer to fans in the wake of Hurricane Isaac


The bond between the city of New Orleans and the Saints is a powerhouse not to be reckoned with. While Saints players were in Cincinnati last week, all they could do was watch the destruction caused by Hurricane Isaac on television from their hotel room.

Malcolm Jenkins, Saints safety and superstar, shared his feelings with the press regarding the hurricane.

"“It’s not like a burden, like we’re going in to entertain people. We’re feeling it just as much as they are. We care about the people in LaPlace and Plaquemines Parish like they’re our own. These are the people that support us on a daily basis. We go into it with a family mentality.”"

Jenkins admits that for at least the playing time on the field on Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, the Saints will play for the fans and give back to them the loyalty that locals gave to the Saints during the rough offseason.

"“Just like we’re frustrated about this offseason, we know they’re just as frustrated. They’re right here with us when we battle. When our city goes through things, we go through it, too.”"

Of course anyone can notice that the New Orleans Saints play for their fans in every game they play, whether at home or away. But this won’t be the first tragedy in which the Saints play hard for fans.

In 2006 following Hurricane Katrina and in 2010 in the wake of Deepwater Horizon, the Saints have given the community something to smile for.

"“I think we’re all excited just to get back into the Dome and really playing for the fans. I know they’re really excited to see us back out there.”"