New Orleans Saints show interesting choices with team captains

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As the New Orleans Saints get ready for the Washington Redskins who they’ll play this Sunday, the team chose their 2012-2013 team captains for offense, defense, and special teams.

The designation of being made a team captain is meant to be an honor no matter which unit it is since it’s usually the job of that player to help organize that unit as well as motivate and rally it when the time is called for.

While coaches can choose who they are, it many times falls upon a vote or suggestions by the team itself as to who the captain should be.  The choice of two Saints as team captains weren’t much of a surprise in the recent announcement.

On offense, quarterback Drew Brees and offensive tackle Zach Strief were chosen with Brees being the given.  Brees has been the leader of the offensive unit since coming to the Saints and pushes not only that unit, but the defense as well.

Strief was humbled by his selection and one could argue that tight end Jimmy Graham or wide receiver Lance Moore could be the “flashy” choice.  Yet Strief has fought long and hard to emerge from a lowly 2006 seventh-round draft pick, to a bonafide starter protecting the Saints franchise quarterback.

On defense, the choices were a secondary tandem of free safety Malcolm Jenkins and strong safety Roman Harper.  Defensive end Will Smith and linebacker Jonathan Vilma were the usual choices but due to their suspensions, these were the right picks for the unit.