Interim head coach Aaron Kromer simply “following the formula” for the New Orleans Saints

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Payton recently was said in a report by ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” to be cocky, arrogant, and controlling when it came to the way the Saints operate and interaction to the media by Payton himself.

The report really gave nothing new to fans of the Saints since the “formula” follows a “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it” philosophy that have given the team a Super Bowl victory and the jump from average at best status, to playoff contenders each season.

Kromer is already following the plans left by Payton since he also downplayed the drama the media is setting the stage for.  When asked about the adversity the team will face due the bounty scandal, he refocused the spotlight.

In a reference to the recent destruction by Hurricane Isaac along Southeast Louisiana, Kromer stated that the team isn’t facing adversity compared to people that lost their homes and couldn’t return for days due to flooding and loss of power.

Prior to that Vitt did the same when asked about an “Us Against the World” mentality due to the bounty investigation and simply said this was something the team would just have to deal with and didn’t think it was them against anybody but themselves.

Although Payton is gone for the season and Vitt won’t return until after October 21st, Kromer should be in good hands with the regimen that was left as well as the staff and players to make the formula work with the necessary ingredients.