Interim head coach Aaron Kromer simply “following the formula” for the New Orleans Saints

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While taking over the reins for not only one head coach but two would be a daunting task for anyone, New Orleans Saints offensive line/interim head coach Aaron Kromer feels it’s easy when you already have the blueprints to follow.

Kromer will be what is called the “interim interim” head coach for the Saints this Sunday against the Washington Redskins and the following five games in a move that began just a few days ago.

Head coach Sean Payton is already serving his season-long suspension while linebacker/interim head coach Joe Vitt began his six-game suspension this week for their roles in the alleged bounty program, leaving Kromer in charge.

While losing them could be a huge distraction or stumbling block for the team, things appear seamless so far.  Kromer stated yesterday that the reason for that is because he is “following the formula” that Payton set since his arrival with the Saints.

While he left the team with the “Do Your Job” motto before his departure, Payton is also well known for following a strict plan for not only games but for the events leading up to them.  It may be viewed as superstitious or controlling, but it has it’s rhyme and reason.

For example, the Saints suffered a head scratching loss in their first preseason home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars where both the offense and defense appeared off key with the standout issue being poor tackling and the loss of linebacker Chris Chamberlain to a torn ACL.

Even though he wasn’t trying to make excuses for the performance, Vitt later said he had deviated from a usual Payton tradition of practicing in the Superdome’s new turf before the first preseason game.