New Orleans Saints Coaching Staff In “Suspension Mode” Shows Early Promise

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Earlier in the offseason it had been surmised that Saints General Manager Micky Loomis would wait until just before Week 1 to announce the new Saints interim head coach but Loomis wasn’t letting any moss grow on the Saints playbook.

When the Saints announced before the Texans game that Saints offensive line coach/running game coach Aaron Kromer will fill Coach Joe Vitt’s vacant interim head coaching position during Vitt’s suspension it was an indication that Loomis is trying to stay ahead of the situation.

I knew better than to pay attention to the early predictions at the time so when the decision was made for the new interim head coaching position I was as surprised as everyone else. I immediately wanted to size up the man Kromer, and the decision to put him in charge of the first six weeks of the Saints future and ran into a problem. Like the other coaches who have been working under Sean Payton, Kromer “flies under the radar”.

If the coaching staff of an NFL were to be compared to a wolf pack, then Head Coach Sean Payton would be the “Alpha Male”. Perhaps it’s because Payton is “larger than life” that the other coaches under him keep such a low profile. At any rate like many of you guys I had to Google up data on Kromer, then carefully read what comments I could find by Joe Vitt and Mickey Loomis before drawing any personal conclusions.

After reading what I could about not only coach Kromer, but the other Saints coaches who will be the backbone of the team in Sean Payton’s absence I mad some notes about my personal “comfort level” with the Saints coaching staff going into what is the most important season of our team’s future.

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