Two Roster Moves the New Orleans Saints Must Make

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Ivory is a proven commodity at the position, and besides some mild fumbling issues this pre-season, he is consistent when it comes to picking up yards and is the teams most powerful inside runner.

Cadet has shown valuable versatility not only as a runner, but as a receiver and return specialist. He can catch out of the back field as good as any running back on the roster, and he seems to be picking up the offense quickly.

Injuries are common at this position and it’s been proven a team can never have too many healthy running backs on the roster.

To keep Hall over Cadet would seem like a ill-advised move for the Saints. If Cadet is released, there is no way New Orleans will be able to sneak him through waivers.

The battle for the fourth and fifth receiver spots is still on-going. Adrian Arrington, Joe Morgan, Cortney Roby, and Nick Toon are all candidates. Logic dictates a few will have to go.

If the Saints cant get away from keeping an extra kicker then it frees them up to keep additional receivers.

Marques Colston, Devery Henderson, and Lance Moore will round out the top three receiving targets. Arrington will likely make the roster, as will forth round pick Nick Toon.

That leaves perhaps one more spot for Morgan or Roby. Both have upside — Roby has been with the Saints for several seasons and has value on special teams — but Morgan’s blazing deep speed is too dangerous to ignore.

Releasing two “extra” players like Hall and Kasay makes a lot of sense for the Saints. Whether or not they do it remains to be seen.

But their release could also help in other areas  — across the defensive line  — enabling the team to carry one more defensive lineman.

Perhaps at linebacker, where the Saints are thin thans to a plethora of injuries.