New Orleans Saints: Akiem Hicks beat out Remi Ayodele for roster spot

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On the other side of the coin is Remi Ayodele.  He does have some proven experience, but not nearly the same upside as Hicks.

In 60 career games over 5 seasons, he has but 4 career sacks.  While measurables are not always a great indicator of how meaningful a defensive tackle is to their team, chances are the New Orleans Saints coaching staff is looking for a little more production from that spot.  Here’s a look at his career NFL stats:

In summation, though Bunkley is the starter at the position, Hicks could prove to be a very valuable understudy who sees significant playing time.  It is sad to see Remi Ayodele go again, but he should catch on with another NFL team soon.

Though it may seem as though the New Orleans Saints defense has struggled throughout the preseason, remember that they’re facing an uphill battle.

They have new coaches in a lot of key areas, and there has been a lot of upheaval.  Let’s not forget that it’s a new scheme under Steve Spagnuolo too.  We will see what’s to come, but I firmly believe that the Saints will make the playoffs and therefore become a Super Bowl contender.