Will New Orleans Saints RB Travaris Cadet take Chris Ivory’s spot on the roster?


The New Orleans Saints are going to have some pretty big roster changes this week. One of the biggest pickles they face is if Travaris Cadet will take a spot amongst some of the best running backs in the NFL including Darren Sproles, Pierre Thomas, Mark Ingram and Chris Ivory.

After the last four preseason games unknown player Cadet has left quite an impression for both other players, faculty and Saints fans alike. It would be hard to imagine him not making the final 53 player roster.

Cadet presently is leading the Saints with 22 receptions and around 202 receiving yards. The spot he may take is currently belonging to Chris Ivory, who has struggled in both training drills and in the preseason games.

The interesting fact is that Cadet has yet to even take snaps with Saints golden boy Drew Brees. It’s hard to imagine how much better he will be taking connects on screen passes with the Saints director out on the field.

It would be a hard loss for the Saints organization and fans to lose Ivory and here’s hoping the Saints faculty finds a way to keep them both.