New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo takes the reins of his troops


It was a tough start for the New Orleans Saints defense Saturday night, giving up a total of 120 yards and two touchdowns by the Texans on only 13 plays.

Newly acquired defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo united his crew, the entire group kneeling before him on the sideline, as they huddled around him while he briefly explained what was going on in the game.

The strangeness of it all is that Spags reached out to them instead of yelling and belittling their morale, something former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was not known for accomplishing.

What Spagnuolo said next may shock some Saints fans, as he told the defense that they were embarrassing themselves, not that they were losing control of the game. All they had to do was some rearranging to demolish the Texans offense. Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins told reporters what Spagnuolo had to offer citing,

"“Just to keep playing, stay together. Nothing was broken or anything.”"

Spagnuolo’s words of knowledge were displayed when the next three plays had an outcome to include several fumbles and a punt.

Interim head coach Joe Vitt closed with some promising words,

"“I thought we were more physical tonight. I thought we were more resilient tonight. I thought we played better.”"

A week after the wretched Jacksonville loss and the Saints are on the road towards many a bittersweet victory all because of the guidance of the temper minded Steve Spagnuolo.