Seattle Seahawks make quarterback changes; former L.S.U. star Matt Flynn “disappointed”


The Seattle Seahawks made some major changes to their quarterback roster over the weekend, one involving former L.S.U. star quarterback and Green Bay Packers backup Matt Flynn.

Flynn is now in the backup role again as head coach Pete Carroll named 2012 third-round draft pick Russell Wilson as the starting quarterback for the Seahawks this upcoming season.

This move became somewhat obvious as Wilson began lighting up the numbers during preseason and Flynn sat out the last game with a sore elbow.  However, Flynn was thought to be the lead candidate for the starting job since his arrival.

He was courted during free agency by several teams but decided to got with the Seahawks since their quarterback situation at the time was mediocre at best with Tavaris Jackson.

Many didn’t think that when the Seahawks drafted Wilson he would make this much progress so quickly.  The rumbling began about Wilson after an impressive showing during his first preseason appearance with a 60+ yard carefully placed bomb to receiver Braylon Edwards for a touchdown.

As the preseason progressed, Wilson only got better as Flynn seemed to struggle somewhat.  After Carroll made the announcement he said this in regards to Flynn’s reaction to the news he’d be a backup to Wilson:

"“He’s disappointed.  Matt came here to be the starter, and he took it exactly the way I think a great competitor would.”"

The Seahawks made another move that would shift the quarterback roster by sending what would be third-string quarterback Tavaris Jackson to the Buffalo Bills for a seventh-round draft pick which could turn into a sixth if Jackson sees some playing time.

Jackson’s arrival in Buffalo made backup quarterback Vince Young expendable and he was released today.  This makes the third team that Young had been a part of since also spending time with the Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles.