Saints making preparations for Tropical Storm Issac


Coming off the heels of a 34-27 victory against the Houston Texans, the New Orleans Saints are executing a new game plan; avoiding Tropical Storm Issac.

The National Weather Service’s latest forecast for the storm has it making landfall on the Mississippi Gulf Coast but there is chance the tropical storm could impact New Orleans.

The Saints have cancelled practice and meetings on Monday so that players can evacuate their families.

Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt, still under control of the team until the end of the preseason, has a contingency plan for whether the storm makes landfall sooner rather than later.

"If need be, we will have wheels up and go to Tennessee Tuesday morning at eight o’clock. If we can get our regular practice in, we will get it in here, leave after practice and we’ll evaluate it from there. – Interim Coach Joe Vitt"

Vitt is operating under the advisement that the storm will hit on Wednesday. There is a plan for the Saints to leave Monday morning and head to Cincinnati if Issac’s speed toward the coast accelerates.

While Issac is only a tropical storm at the moment, the entire Gulf Coast is taking it seriously.

After Hurricane Katrina did considerable damage to many cities across the Gulf Coast in 2005, most notably New Orleans, many in the region are taking a ‘Better safe then sorry’ approach.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has already declared a State of Emergency in the State. Vitt’s advice: Take shelter and stay safe.