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HBO “Hard Knocks” won’t have “you-sh(usual)” cast after Tuesday; Dolphins TE Les Brown released

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After Brown was featured in an episode, Crandell met him after practice to which he gave her the rundown of how he felt he did.  After looking Crandall up and down, Brown then uttered, “You look hot…as you-sh(usual)” to which they both laughed.

In last week’s episode, Brown and Crandall were taking an airboat tour of the Florida Everglades during a day off when she beat him to the punch and used the “you-sh” line.  Crandall along with Brown became a nice story line and even though her name wasn’t featured at first, HBO subtitled her name in last week.

Not long after Brown was released, Crandall offered thanks to the many supporters of Brown and sent this message on Twitter:

"As you all got to see, he is incredibly hard working and talented. This is only the beginning of the many accomplishments he will achieve."

While no word on if the Dolphins will seek to put Brown on the practice squad has surfaced, he seems to be a prime candidate judging from his attitude for hard work and his strive to improve daily.  In the end, Brown is not your “you-sh” long shot with dream.