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HBO “Hard Knocks” won’t have “you-sh(usual)” cast after Tuesday; Dolphins TE Les Brown released

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The story of long shot tight end Les Brown was featured long before HBO decided to feature the Miami Dolphins on the Hard Knocks series.  His bid to make the team fell short though as he was released on Saturday.  He did leave a new catchphrase behind before he left though.

Brown gained attention by going from being in the financial field to the football field in the NFL.  With only college basketball experience, Brown caught the NFL bug while helping scout trainers for his brother Braden who was an offensive tackle for BYU.

Chad Ikei, who owns Ikei Sports Hawaii, convinced Brown he should start training and pursue the path to the NFL.  Brown trained for three months and attended the BYU Pro Day in front of NFL scouts.

He was featured in several videos where he ran a 4.43 40-yard dash and also performed well in other drills.  This prompted the Dolphins to sign Brown to a rookie contract not long after the eye-catching performance.

The only snag for him though was his blocking ability which was evident while watching Hard Knocks.  Although Brown was good at catching passes and running routes, he would end up getting off-balance or bowled over trying to block, ending with Brown screaming out an F-bomb after every play.

Still you couldn’t help but root for Brown since he seemed like a nice guy at heart and his girlfriend, former Miss Utah Jamie Lynn Crandall, came close to upstaging quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s wife Lauren as the lovable sweetheart of the show.

Brown would be pouring sweat after each practice, yet Crandall would still offer comfort and attempt to build him back up if he was too down.  She also helped spark the biggest catchphrase since “I appresh(appreciate it)”.