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HBO’s “Real Sports” to feature former Saint Steve Gleason; controversy already in interview

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Saints fans and those close to Gleason would argue though that it’s simply because Gleason has such a close connection to the team that he thinks of as a family as well as the city of New Orleans.

Recently, Gleason had a statue dedicated of himself by the Saints that is predominantly displayed at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  The statue depicts the famous blocked punt by Gleason against the Atlanta Falcons on September 25, 2006 that was returned for a touchdown.

The event was significant since it was the re-opening of the Superdome after it’s renovation from Hurricane Katrina and Gleason’s blocked punt provided a spark to the city in it’s effort to rebuild itself.  The statue is titled “Rebirth”.

Gleason also commented in the email about the “Wow did we just hear that?” part of his quote.  His email said that he was asked the question,

"“Nobody seemed shocked to hear that come out of the coaches mouth?”"

To which Gleason said he responded,

"“No, there was no discussion of, ‘Wow, did we just hear that?”"

Depending on the entirety of the piece it remains to be seen how this will be taken by people, especially Saints fans.  ESPN recently aired a segment on suspended head coach Sean Payton on Outside the Lines that was viewed simply as raking Payton over the coals and was one-sided.