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HBO’s “Real Sports” to feature former Saint Steve Gleason; controversy already in interview

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Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com wrote that Gleason has emailed himself, King, and Jeff Duncan of The Times-Picayune to explain that the subtitles used by HBO were the  “misquote of the week.”

Gleason explained to them that the actual words he used were, “The group I was with . . . no one seemed shocked.”  This possibly to insinuate that it’s commonplace for coaches to use this type of speech and possibly defend the Saints players and coaches.

Current and former players have stated after the release of the Pamphilon recording that they have heard the same type of speech before during their playing time and that the NFL shouldn’t act so shocked to hear that it has been happening or did happen.

In fact during a replay of the HBO series “Hard Knocks” on NFL Network during the summer, the Kansas City Chiefs were featured and in one shot of their meeting room, a printed sign was displayed with the very phrase that Williams used in his speech.

Florio further wrote that Gleason had this to say about the speech by Williams in his email:

"“In my opinion, speeches like the one given by Gregg Williams are not the cause of increased rate of  brain disease in the NFL population.  The increased rate of brain disease In the NFL population is caused by the way the game is played within the rules.”"

Some critics have questioned Gleason in regards to his stance on the issue of football causing such trauma, but at the same time maintaining a close relationship with a football organization such as the Saints.