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HBO’s “Real Sports” to feature former Saint Steve Gleason; controversy already in interview

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Former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason will be featured on tonight’s episode of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel at 8:00 p.m.(CT) and there is already an issue that Gleason has with the segment.

Gleason will be featured in a piece that will document his past history with the Saints as well as his battle with the disease ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.  He will likely no doubt express his views that he feels that football contributed to his current condition.

In fact, Gleason told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King during a segment in which he was featured during this past Super Bowl, that he feels that there may be a direct correlation between ALS and impact sports.

Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon, who released the famous Gregg Williams “Kill the head” pregame speech audio recording, painted a different picture in regards to Gleason not long after the bounty scandal hit the Saints and after he then released the recording.

Pamphilon expressed his shock that nobody in the defensive meeting room, including Gleason and former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita, looked surprised or said anything during the rant by Williams.

The reason for the shock was because that both Gleason and Fujita have strong belief’s about the impact that football has on a player not only physically, but mentally as well such as brain disease.

When the announcement was made several days ago that Gleason was going to be on HBO’s Real Sports, there was a curious lead in to the segment.  Gleason was quoted by HBO via subtitles in regards to the Williams speech as saying:

"“The real problem was no one seemed shocked.  There as no discussion of ‘Wow, did we just hear that?”‘"

This of course would contradict Pamphilon’s claim that Gleason simply sat by during the time of the speech and gave no reaction.  Gleason has since issued somewhat of a disclaimer to the Real Sports piece.