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HBO to make alteration on “Real Sports” segment subtitles for Steve Gleason interview


In an earlier posted article referencing the HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumble interview with former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason, ProFootballTalk.com writer Mike Florio stated that Gleason sent an email saying that he was misquoted by the network in that interview.

Florio mentions that after a discussion by Gleason and the producers of the show, the subtitles for Gleason will be changed to reflect a different context of his words being used.

The whole controversy seemingly began when Gleason was asked a set of questions about the Gregg Williams “kill the head” speech he gave before the NFC Divisional Game against the San Francisco 49ers in January of this year.

HBO had subtitled Gleason to say:

"“The real problem was no one seemed shocked.  There as no discussion of ‘Wow, did we just hear that?’”"

However Gleason said what he actually said was:

"“The group I was with . . . no one seemed shocked.”"

Gleason was then asked,

"“Nobody seemed shocked to hear that come out of the coaches mouth?”"

To which Gleason said he responded,

"“No, there was no discussion of, ‘Wow, did we just hear that?”"

How there is that much discrepancy in the translation of the interview by the producers of the show will likely bring a disdain from Saints fans since their trust with the mainstream media is at a crossroads.

Especially since this comes on the heels of what many in the local media and Saints fans are calling an unbalanced, almost smear campaign-like profile on suspended head coach Sean Payton by ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

The episode for Real Sports with Bryant Gumble featuring Gleason will air tonight on HBO at 8:00 p.m.(CT)