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Review of New Orleans Saints’ Tyrunn Walker through first three preseason games

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New England Patriots game

Spins away from blockers and gets free to chase the ball.   Energetic.  Pushes and helps collapse the pocket giving time for other defenders to rush in for the stop.   Not easily moved back over the line of scrimmage.

Can usually be found moving toward the ball.  Occupied three defenders on one play.  Let one run through by not spinning away from defender while behind line of scrimmage; got moved away from the ball.  He got called for encroachment; ball advanced to 4th and goal.

Next play; got double teamed and kept putting his hand up to bat the ball away.  Dragged a defender over to the ball and make a run ending tackle.  When double teamed and held up, consistently puts his hand up for the ball. Didn’t take the best angle on an open field tackle.

 Jacksonville Jaguars game

Again, doesn’t always take the best angle on a ball carrier in the open field.  Plays better in close.  Athletic.  He is always in the vicinity of the ball even when it is clearly not his assignment.

On 4th and 1 did not give up his spot on the line of scrimmage.  Carrier did not advance ball and turned over on downs.  On another play, when he worked his way clear, kept advancing and applied great pressure on QB which stopped the drive.

Not often moved back from the line of scrimmage but late in game, he was moved off his spot.

Conclusion:  Overall, Walker is a good solid player with a huge upside and can easily see him long term with the Saints.